Capt. Darian Frey
Frey fig
Character Information
Name Capt. Darian Frey
Gender Male
Franchise Ketty Jay Chronicles
Weapons/Accessories Daemon-bound Cutlass, Revolver
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Ketty Jay
Occupation Captain
Residence Captain's Cabin, Ketty Jay

Darian Frey, captain of the Ketty Jay, is a Ketty Jay Chronicles character in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing in a Team Pack alongside Grayther Crake.


Early life

Not much is Known about Frey's early life. We do known that he was a orphan, and that he lived a rough early life in a slum. We also know that he didn't have any siblings (that are known of).

Early career

Again, much of the history going up to the events of Retribution Falls is unknown. However, we do know that Darian worked for Trinica Dracken's father, under which he acquired the Ketty Jay. He then apparently left the service of Dracken's father to fly supplies during the second Aerium war. At this point, his first crew was killed by Dakkadians, and he barely escaped with his life. After this, he met Silo, and started rebuilding his crew.

Events leading up to Retribution Falls

Before we meet Frey in the opening chapter of Retribution falls, free and his crew had attempted a couple of small jobs in smuggling and salvage. he picked up Grayther Crake at a port, before then obtaining atrium to sell to a client. We know that because he stole the weaker and depleted Aerium from junkyards, his client was not too happy when one of his freighters crashed when trying to land. This resulted in Crake and Frey being kidnapped and prompted to give up the code for the Ketty Jay.


The Mandala: Ketty Jay Chronicles World


  • Precision
  • Technology
  • Sword Switches
  • Stealth




  • Frey is voiced in-game by Nathan Fillion, previously known for his work on Firefly as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds.
  • Frey gets his Sword Switch ability from the daemon bound to his cutlass. He's also got a daemon-distracting pack on him that gives him his Stealth ability.

Character Tag

Frey's tag is dark blue and off-white, with a cutlass on the front.

Frey Char Tag
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