“'What's Up Doc?
— Bugs Line When Entering in the game.
It's The Retro Cartoons Awards?


— Second Bugs Line When Entering in the game
The Bunny Of Lucky Is Here!
— Bugs Third Line When in the game

"Bugs Bunny" Is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions.

He appears in the Looney Tunes Team Pack, for the Looney Tunes Franchise.


  • Stealth
  • Super Jump
  • Digging
  • Acrobat
  • Heart Regeneration
  • Tracking


Looney Tunes:Looney Tune Land


My Home Hole is more bigger than usual?

— Bugs first line when in the vortex.
I'm Waiting for my entrance...
— Bugs second line when in the vortex.
Come Here Big Bad!
— Bugs First Line when encountering a boss
I not think you easily beat me,you Big villain,this rabbit season soon is closing...

— Bugs second line when encountering a Boss
Sorry folk,I'm not expert in this.
— Bugs First Line when unable to solve a puzzle
I try to solve this,but I not promise a good result. (carrot munching)
— Bugs second line when unable to solve a puzzle
Oh well,now this is a LITERAL Rabbit Season.
— Bugs when seeing Himself
Hi Daffy,is Duck Season.
— Bugs when seeing Daffy
Marvin,Face it,you never rule the earth,now you make a comedy and looney invasion.
— Bugs when seeing Marvin The Martian
Actually I remember Daffy have a dream when he was a wizard like you.
— Bugs when seeing Gandalf
Superman,you not remember the time when meet in a Comic?
— Bugs When seeing Superman
You are a DJ? ,Perfect! I need one to Speedy's Birthday
— Bugs when seeing Wyldstyle
A marshmallow man,I prefer a statue of me made of carrots, is more healthy.
— Bugs when seeing Marshmallow Man
You not are serious ever batman, not remember you weird and funky versión from 1966?
— Bugs when seeing Batman
Oh Scooby I remember you, both are too old and iconic,but sometimes you have let go of the old and do new things.
— Bugs when seeing Scooby-Doo
You original design is being a Rabbit, like My Old rival from de company Of D.
— Bugs when seeing Sonic
Tired legs? ,come on to my limousine, my Folk!
— Bugs when Riding the Bugs Limo.
Actually you turn into a Big Monster like Tweety in one occasion?
— Bugs when seeing a Big-Fig or Riding a Mech
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