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Bubble Buster
Bubble Busters.png
Bubble Busters
Owner Krish
Abilities *Bubbles
Set Krish Fun Pack

Bubble Buster is a Morphers gadget in LEGO Dimensions.


Bubble Busters are a type of machine used for defending Morpher Wheel bases. The first build of the Bubble Buster is a windmill made up of three bubble wands that shoot out lightning bubbles. The wands are on top of a power gauge with various multicolored lights.


  • Bubbles
  • Flying (Granted by getting trapped in a bubble)
  • Target (Bubble)
  • Multi Target
  • Gyrosphere Switches (Granted by getting trapped in a bubble)


  • Unlike the Bubble Buster in Calling All Morphers, it has two wands below the windmill build in LEGO Dimensions.
    • These are used in the rebuilds.