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Hi, uh, this is Brennan O'Keeffe.
— Brennan O'Keeffe's first line when entering the game
Remember, don't get killed.
— Brennan O'Keeffe's second line when entering the game
Let's freaking go!!!
— Brennan O'Keeffe's third line when entering the game

Brennan O'Keeffe is a Vepturegeng character in LEGO Dimensions.


In a suicidal turn of action, middle school student Brennan O'Keeffe broke into the household of the privileged Han Seo-Hoto. Inside of the Seo-Hotos' estate, O'Keeffe confirmed their involvement in human trafficking and testing with Vepturegeng and Untergeng, species of alien parasites. O'Keeffe was shot and almost fatally wounded before getting saved by Serpent, one of the Vepturegeng, who killed O'Keeffe's attacker and healed Brennan. Indebted to Serpent, Brennan became his host and was crucial to reuniting the Vepturegeng on their new planet, Earth. Entering a conflict with the Untergeng that lasted for three weeks, Serpent and O'Keeffe ultimately killed Han Seo-Hoto and his Untergeng, Destroyer, during a battle at a nuclear power plant. Serpent and O'Keeffe very nearly died in the explosion but succeeded in regenerating from the blast, with Brennan keeping his involvement with the Vepturegeng relatively secret from than on.


  • Character Changing (Serpent)
  • Hammer Switches (Baseball Bat)
  • Super Strength (Baseball Bat)
  • Stealth
  • Target (Shotgun)


  • Brennan O'Keeffe is portrayed by Dean-Charles Chapman in Vepturegeng, who reprises his role in the game.