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Brainiac is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the DC Comics franchise.


Brainiac is a living alien computer from the planet Colu who wants to gain all of the knowledge in the universe. He does this by collecting all knowledge from each planet he comes across, then destroying said planets to increase the value of the knowledge. However, before doing this he takes one city from that planet and bottles it as a sample. One of these cities is Krypton's capital, Kandor. He has become an enemy of Superman and the Justice League in general since his efforts often put the whole planet or solar system at risk.

Dimensions Crisis

Brainiac is one of the many villains who joins Lord Vortech's army. He is sent to assist the Riddler on his invasion on Minas Tirith. He fights against BatmanWyldstyle and Gandalf on the city with his ship and an army of Brainiac Orcs, but is defeated by the trio.

Star Fox Dimensions

Brainiac is one of the villains who joined Andross's army. He helps the self-proclaimed emperor by giving him robotic parts. As it would seem to be a 2 against 1, Samus Aran arrives to even the odds by chasing down Brainiac and leaving Andross defenseless. Andross and Brainiac are defeated by the team of Samus and Fox McCloud.

Grand Interdimensional War



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