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"Did somebody page the King of Awesome?"

-Bowser's first line when entering the game.


-Bowser's second line when entering the game.

"Oh, yeah! It's Bowser time!"

-Bowser's third line when entering the game.

Bowser is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Super Mario franchise.


King Bowser Koopa (大魔王クッパ, Daimaō Kuppa “Great Demon King Koopa”, in English also Lord BowserKing Koopa commonly in other media) is the primary antagonist of the Mario series and is the archenemy of Mario. Bowser most commonly kidnaps Princess Peach. He is the leader of the Koopa race. Although Bowser has joined forces with Mario in a few games, he has never ceased to kidnap Princess Peach and attempt to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom since his first appearance in Super Mario Bros..

As the central villain of one of the world’s most popular video game franchises, Bowser is easily one of the most recognizable video game villains ever, though he has comic-relief roles in most of the RPGs. Though their origins are unknown, Bowser has eight children; the seven Koopalings and Bowser Jr.

Dimensions Crisis


Interdimensional War



  1. Fire Breath
  2. Heat Resistance
  3. Super Strength
  4. Super Jump
  5. Wall Smash
  6. Growth
  7. Photo Mode
  8. Character Change (can turn into Dry Bowser or Dark Bowser)


"See you later, losers!"

-Bowser's line when leaving the game.

"This is a waste of my time! I'm out of here!"

-Bowser's second line when leaving the game.

"Well, that was a lot of fun!"

-Bowser's third line when leaving the game.

"Arin! Who is this "Chris Pratt" guy? I wanna stomp him for getting me sick!"

-Bowser to Egoraptor.

"Mario! How dare you interfere with the fun I am having!"

-Bowser to Mario.

"Chris Pratt! You will pay for stealing my role!"

-Bowser to Star-Lord.

"Princess Peach! You're mine, now!"

-Bowser to Princess Peach.

"You. I never forgot the day you betrayed me!"

-Bowser to Ganondorf.

"Junior, my boy! How about an adventure with your King Dad?"

-Bowser to Bowser Jr.

"You call yourself a Toad? You're just a child wearing a diaper!"

-Bowser to Toad.

"Oh, another Game Grump! I heard that your friend Egoraptor is a dinosaur!"

-Bowser to Dan Avidan.

"Just in time to stomp you into space bits!"

-Bowser's line when in combat.



Bowser's Theme - Super Mario 64

Bowser's showcase theme