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The Book of the Maker is one of the items in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. It can be obtained when the player reaches 100% completion of the game. The Book contains a message from CJDM1999, the creator of the game himself, thanking the player for playing the game and artwork that features characters, locations, weapons and items that appear in the game while the rest do not.


Now that your journey is at an end, I present to you this, the Book of the Maker, as a token of my gratitude. Please accept this wonderful gift, my friend. For playing through this creative adventure and taking Andy to praise, and so to you The Maker presents, works of art, words of intent, to give credit where it is due, to those who brought this adventure to you.

But before you go, please think again, this game is not a reality, but a fantasy - an ideal dimension. In truth, the sorrows must persist, for LEGO Dimensions lives on.

But thanks to you, again dear friend, the story of The Rise of Enoch must end. Perhaps one day we'll meet once more... for only time will tell.