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— Betelgeuse's first line when entering the game.
— Betelgeuse's second line when entering the game.
Sorry I'm late, had to find my way out of a sand worm, wasn't a pretty sight. Not the scenic route if you catch my diseases.
— Betelgeuse's third line when entering the game.

Betel Geuse Jr, otherwise known as Betelgeuse, is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Beetlejuice Fun Pack for the Beetlejuice franchise. Like other characters from the first game, he can be used in the second game.



Betel Geuse Jr. or just Betelgeuse is a very rude and crude ghost. He also gets a little crazy at times. When Betelgeuse was alive, he committed suicide when he hung himself over a woman when he was drunk. His parents Nat and Bea Geuse and his brother, Donald "Donny" Geuse are also ghosts. Though he seems fun on screen, it's clear he's not a pleasant person to have around in real life, as he constantly invades people's personal space (even to the point of harassment), does disgusting things like spitting in his own coat and makes rather rude gestures. Not only that, he seems to love to scare people out of their pants and pull pranks on them. He also seems to be quite selfish, as his main goal in the movie is to lift his curse no matter who gets hurt in the process. He has the attitude of a sleazy used car salesman. Ironically, he is a ghost who eats insects. He shows an interest in Lydia Deetz during most of the movie, and in the finale, he tries to force her into marrying him, almost succeeding, until he is stopped by Adam and Barbara Maitland.


In the animated series, Beetlejuice was depicted as being more heroic (though he would still be a bit dishonest sometimes). He is often referred to as "BJ" for short. A recurring gag has him using figures of speech and idioms and then changing himself and/or his surroundings to match the pun (e.g., if he says something bugs him, he will turn into an insect).

Dimensions Crisis

In the Teen Titans Go! episode, The Dimensions Crisis, Betelgeuse tricks Raven into using her magic to build a giant gargoyle mech that he then uses to cause chaos to ruin the Teen Titans attempt to learn how to become better builders.

Destruction’s Rule

When the heroes go in the Awesome Plush Productions dimension, they hide in Awesome Plush Productions’s plushie closet, and Betelgeuse pops out, along with a few others, referencing how he is a frequent character in Awesome Plush Productions’s videos.


  • Mind Control
  • Magic
  • Slurp Access
  • Illumination
  • Mini Access
  • Super Strength
  • Apparate Access
  • Flight


Hey! BIRDMAN! Ya-know I tried that gig a couple of times. Quit while you're ahead, I say.
— Betelgeuse when seeing Batman.
Hey, you trying to steal my style or something, buddy? It's more than a look, it's a lifestyle. Or, dead style. Wait, have we met before?
— Betelgeuse when seeing The Joker.
Hey, Slimer, buddy, need those old busters bustin'? I'll do you a group deal, both the good ones and the bad ones, no extra charge!
— Betelgeuse when seeing Slimer.
Chell, babe, quiet, please. Stop asking me out. I'm already engaged to the Deetz's daughter, she just doesn't know it yet....
— Betelgeuse when seeing Chell.
Not so fast, Round Boy. We're gonna have some laughs.
— Betelgeuse when seeing Homer Simpson.
Hey, Lyds! Ready for Pranksgiving?
— Betelgeuse when seeing Lydia.
We’ve come for your eggs, Chuck. WAHAHAHAHA,!
— Betelgeuse when seeing Chuck.
Hey kid! You are pretty crazy! I say we wreck some things together!
— Betelgeuse when seeing Jeffy.
What is this, a walking sandworm?
— Betelgeuse when seeing Demogorgon.
Hey! Watch the B word, Mr. Productions!
— Betelgeuse’s response to Jack Productions.
I can travel to any point in time? OOH! Black plague! NOW THAT WAS SOME FUN!
— Betelgeuse when riding the DeLorean Time Machine
— Betelgeuse when riding the Ecto-1 or Ecto-1 (2016)
I've seen bigger. Come back when your sandworm sized.
— Betelgeuse when riding a mech or seeing a large character.
What's this, an exorcism?!? I demand a lawyer!
— Betelgeuse's first line when leaving the game
Ok, I've had enough of this, I'm gonna go see a funny movie. One hundred and sixty-eight time's the charm!
— Betelgeuse's second line when leaving the game
— Betelgeuse's third line when leaving the game
I should probably check back at the waiting room while I'm here. See if it's my ticket is up yet.
— Betelgeuse when in the Beetlejuice World
Wait... A tunnel... A bright light at the end of it? This is a mix-up! I don't wanna go to that place! It's bright and boring!
— Betelgeuse's first line when in the vortex.
ALRIGHT! Let's get this wake started!
— Betelgeuse's first line when upgrading his vehicle
Say it once, say it twice, third time's a charm.
— Betelgeuse when idle
I'll eat anything you want me to eat, I'll swallow anything you want me to swallow, so come on down, chew on a dog!
— Betelgeuse's second line when idle
We've come for your gold bricks, Chuck WAAAHAAAHAAAWAAHWAAHWAAH!
— Betelgeuse when collecting a collectible.
Sorry chuck, I just deal with dead stuff, this looks like one for the living.
— Betelgeuse when unable to solve a puzzle.
I can't use this? Well, that stinks. And I know a thing or two about stinking.
— Betelgeuse's second line when unable to finish a puzzle.
— Betelgeuse when he's able to solve a puzzle
Oh! Look at all the flowers on this thing, guess I'm going to Hawaii after all! ALOHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!
— Betelgeuse when riding the Mystery Machine
”Well, that makes two of us.”
— Betelgeuse when seeing Betelgeuse.
” Doppelgängers, you know I hate them!”
— Betelgeuse’s second line when seeing Betelgeuse.


  1. In the movie, he is voiced by Micheal Keaton. In the cartoon he is voiced by Stephen Ouimette. In the first LEGO Dimensions, he is voiced by Christopher Swindle, who reprises his role in the second game.
  2. While the Beetlejuice franchise is based on the movie, his interactions with Lydia are based on the cartoon.
  3. He, Marceline, Jeffy, and Jack Productions are the only characters in the LEGO Dimensions series with standard minifigure legs to have Mini Access.