Bertram Cecil
Bertram Cecil
Character Information
Name Bertram Cecil
Gender Male
Franchise Skits-So-Fer-N-E-Uh
Weapons/Accessories Glock 17
Occupation Terrorist
Residence GunVille
Don't move or I will explode you!
— Bertram Cecil's first line when entering the game
Make fun of my hair and I will make fun of your scream!
— Bertram Cecil's second line when entering the game
Th-thanks for the ride, s-sir, or, ma-mam.
— Bertram Cecil's third line when entering the game
Bertram Cecil is a Skits-So-Fer-N-E-Uh character in LEGO 1001 Spears Vega.


Bertram Cecil has issues, as he is easily enraged, which is why he always terrorizes places. Bertram Cecil has a significant lack of friends as a result, however, sometimes him and Clarence Clive bond together, albeit normally for terrorism.


  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Rocket Propelled Grenade)
  • Bronze LEGO Blowup (Glock 17)
  • Target (Glock 17)
  • Sonar Smash (Screams)
  • Laser Deflector (Sunglasses)


It looks like my work here is done.
— Bertram Cecil's first line when leaving the game
Until next time, Clyde.
— Bertram Cecil's second line when leaving the game
Goodbye, I ran out of ammunition.
— Bertram Cecil's third line when leaving the game
That's it, I'm done!
— Bertram Cecil's line in combat
What? But Cecil never loses!
— Bertram Cecil's line when respawning
We were not expecting Special Ops, but anyone will do!
— Bertram Cecil talking to any Special Kid
Why doesn't Minecraft have guns?
— Bertram Cecil talking to any Minecraft character
Clyde did say the kids made fun of him for being a Brony.
— Bertram Cecil talking to any My Little Pony character
Ah, it is the investigators! They must be after me from last time!
— Bertram Cecil talking to Agent J/Agent K
Black Magic seems cool. Still sticking with ol' Glocky 17, though.
— Bertram Cecil talking to Jareth
Mario, you wouldn't believe how much I like your Hotel game!
— Bertram Cecil talking to Mario
You are quite the odd robot, sir.
— Bertram Cecil talking to Lord Vortech
Hey, you seem to know a thing or two about being bullied, huh?
— Bertram Cecil talking to Lloyd
— Bertram Cecil talking to David Bowman
Kanye West once compared himself to you.
— Betram Cecil talking to Willy Wonka, Superman, or Jimmy Neutron
Look, I found the four armed kid.
— Betram Cecil talking to Lord Garmaddon
— Bertram Cecil talking to Crash Bandicoot
Eh, Iron Man? Good to have you with us, Tony Stark!
— Bertram Cecil talking to Iron Man
— Bertram Cecil talking to Thor
Sup, Daffy?
— Bertram Cecil talking to Daffy Duck
I had a friend who was a nomad! Than he blew up the school...
— Betram Cecil talking to Nomad
A fire breathing robot? Awesome! Well technically, it can't breathe because it isn't organic, and... here we go again.
— Bertram Cecil seeing The Super Fire Blasting Robot
Ah, I always hoped I'd find a YouTuber around somewhere!
— Bertram Cecil talking to Jaiden Animations
Thahnos? Or is it Thaynoz? Just kidding, I know it's you, Thanos, good old pal.
— Bertram Cecil talking to Thanos
Mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega Mega Man!
— Bertram Cecil talking to Mega Man
I thought Thor didn't use swords- oh, I am terribly sorry, sir, I got you confused with another guy for a second there.
— Bertram Cecil talking to Cybern
I hope it's time for some James Bonding time!
— Bertram Cecil talking to James Bond
Unchorted... I said that correctly, right?
— Bertram Cecil talking to Nathan Drake
— Bertram Cecil talking to Rust Lord
Don't you dare swing that ax towards me, bro.
— Bertram Cecil talking to the Haunted Headless Horseman
Hey, you're the kid who can build large structures out of meager resources, right?
— Bertram Cecil talking to Phineas Flynn
I AM IRON MAN... oh, wrong Iron Man?
— Bertram Cecil talking to Iron Man
Ben 10/10 IGN should have been given to The Witcher 3 instead of Undertale.
— Bertram Cecil talking to Ben Tennyson
Ah sweet, you have energy pistols!
— Bertram Cecil talking to WC Sunamaru


  • In Skits-So-Fer-N-E-Uh, he is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who reprises his role in the game.
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