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Bernie Kropp is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Incredibles franchise.


Bernie Kropp is Dash Parr's teacher in The Incredibles. He is first seen in the Principal's office as Helen Parr arrives and explains to her that Dash is a disruptive influence and is openly mocking in front of his class. Dash tries to explain, but Bernie yells him that he was the one who put thumbtacks on his chair. Helen asks him if he really did it and he replies that he did not and she was surprise and how did he knew it was Dash who did it and he shows her that he hid a camera and he got him.

However, his hidden camera caught a blur from Dash's seating to Bernie's chair right before and after the prank; that lasts for about 0.002 of a second. Luckily for Dash, Bernie is dismissed as just being over-reacting and paranoid, namely because the recording didn't record Dash's movements very well. When Dash is absolved of any responsibility to his parents and the school board, Bernie turns red and throws an extremely childish tantrum as Helen closes the door. Bernie is not seen for the rest of the film again afterwards.