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Bellosh is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch as one of the secondary antagonists and leader of Foundation Crime.

Early Life

Bellosh is born 75 years before the Dimensional Crisis. He was a regular citizen in Legotropolis who turned to a life of crime when he attempted to become the President of Legotropolis only to be foiled numerous times by James McBrick. He escaped from jail and moved to Lord Vortech's abandoned base, Foundation Prime, the center of The Multiverse.

Interdimensional War

During the prison breakout, Bellosh breaks out Colonel Drad and Major Pain and later formed a team.

They later went into hiding on Foundation Prime and worship Lord Vortech as Foundation Crime.

Grand Emperor Enoch and Skella went to Foundation Prime to seek help from him and Foundation Crime in an attempt to steal the Gauntlet of the Gods from the Temple of Foundation. After the theft of the gauntlet, Bellosh joins Enoch's Army to help him end the war and create a new multiverse once and for all.

Fate of the Multiverse

Bellosh confronted Andy's father Walter Starheart and fought him in a swordfight while other cult members fight Andy's friends. Bellosh met his fate when Hugo threw him into the lava and burning him alive after his helmet was sucked into the vortex.


  • Bellosh was orignally to have Loki's helmet instead of the Flying Warrior's helmet, so it would be similar to Vortech's however, the helmet never made it to the final game. There is still a chance to find Loki's helmet.