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Bayonetta Umbra
Character Information
Name Bayonetta Umbra
Gender Female
Franchise Bayonetta 2
Weapons/Accessories Glocks(?)
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Gamorrah
Occupation Umbra Witch
Residence Bayonetta World: Umbra Clock Tower
What is it gonna be this time? The mighty Gamorrah? The lumen sage with a mask? Master Core...? Forget I said that.
— Bayonetta's 1st line when entering the game
Did someone call for an umbra witch from the very dawn of time?
— Bayonetta's 2nd line when entering the game

Bayonetta is a Fun Pack Character In LEGO Dimensions for franchise of same name.


Adventure World

Bayonetta: Umbra Clock Tower


  • Target
  • Precision Targets
  • Acrobat
  • Umbrian Cowlick
    • Grapple
    • Mind Control
  • Magic
    • Dark Magic
  • TARDIS Travel (Dont ask)
  • Umbrian Senses
  • Character Changing (can change to Jeanne or Classic Bayonetta)
  • Demon LEGO Objects
  • X-Ray Vision


  • Umbrian Senses
  • Grapple (Umbrian Ponytail)
  • Mind Control (Umbrian Ponytail)
  • Rope Swings (Umbrian Ponytail)
  • Target
  • Precision Targets
  • Acrobat
  • Character Changing (can change to Bayonetta or her classic self)
  • Magic
  • Time Travel (again, don't ask)
  • Multi Target (No questions)

Classic Bayonetta

  • Time Travel (Srsly, no asking. P.s. I'll stop that)
  • Multi Target
  • Dark Magic
  • Same umbrian ponytail Jeanne uses for Grapple, Mind Control & Rope Swings
  • Target
  • Precision Targets
  • Acrobat
  • Stealth
  • Character Changing (can change to modern Bayonetta and Jeanne)


I should have to go, the last umbra witch race is calling.
— Bayonetta's 1st line when exiting the game
My umbrian senses detect Gamorran disturbance in another realm.
— Bayonetta's 2nd line when exiting the game
It's nice to see me and Jeanne are not the only umbra witches in this universe
— Bayonetta to any witch-like character
Before you ask, I'm not related to your "Gamorrah" in any way.
— Ancient Physic Tandem War Elephant to Bayonetta
Very funny Jeanne. Changing your hair to brown and donning teal & orange while carrying one white gun won't fool the "other" last umbra witch.
— Bayonetta to Chell

more to add


  • When Bayonetta replys to herself, she says "Its nice to see me--- i mean, seriously, 2 of me? is this other witchery?"
  • Like Sonic, Bayonetta dies like she does in Bayonetta 2
  • Bayonetta is the 6th SEGA character in LEGO Dimensions after Alex Kidd, Sonic, Tails, Classic Sonic & Shadow
  • Her 1st line when entering the game references Master Core from Super Smash Bros. As she appeared as DLC along with the Umbra Clock Tower stage in SSBFN3/WU