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Baylee Flemyng.png
Character Information
Name Baylee
Gender Female
Franchise Morphers
Residence Flemynglands
— Baylee's line when entering the game

Baylee is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


Baylee has managed to injure her head enough to have destroyed her cerebrum in the past. At the party, Baylee was kidnapped by the Norphers, and needed to be rescued to rescue the other Morphers. While preparing to play Slingshot with her husband, she encountered two Norphers disguised as Morphers and asked if they wanted to join their game, even giving a Morpher Wheel to them after Luke and her morphed. Jokingly calling the Norphers weird, she went off to play alone, and ended up retrieving the Morpher Wheel back from Major Norpher. During her birthday party, she had her entire wine cellar shattered by Luke and Ted's morph crashing through it and received a wet ribbon from Luke as a present (which was originally an ice wall), depressing her even further.

In Morphers the Movie, Baylee is depicted as even more deranged, having not invited Florence to her next birthday party (while inviting everyone else), and being an alcoholic, as well as being severely underweight. Baylee was eventually married to Pheno, due to them both sharing AUD and being unhealthily skinny.


  • Acrobatics
  • Shapeshifting
    • Grapple (Stretching Limbs)
    • Rope Swings (Stretching Limbs)
  • Super Strength (Glasgow Kiss)
  • Morph
  • Target (Bottle)
  • Sugar


You all are weird. See ya later!
— Baylee's line when leaving the game
Hey there, little Morphers! We are gonna play Slingshot! Do you want to join us?
— Baylee's line when idle

Idle Animations

  • Baylee tap dances.
  • Baylee spins on her head.

Finishing Moves

  • Jokester: Baylee tells a joke so terrible it kills the enemy who hears it.
  • Hyper Glasgow: Baylee kills the enemy by slamming her head into them (50% chance of her getting a brain eruption).


  • She is portrayed by Mika Newton, and uses Archive Audio in the game.
    • Her Japanese actress is Junko Takeuchi, best known for playing the titular character in Naruto.