Character Information
Name Bastion
Gender Male
Franchise Neverending Story
Occupation Student
Residence Earth, His House

Bastion is a Level Pack character in LEGO Dimensions, he is from the Neverending Story franchise.


  • Intelligence
  • Read
  • Wish
  • Character Change (Into Atreyu)
  • Horse Call
  • Vine Cut


"What is that?" - Bastion when first joining the game

"I had another dream" - Bastion's second time joining a game

"How many wishes do I get?" - Bastion's third time joining the game

"No, not again. No, not again!" - Bastion when unable to solve a puzzle

"What I've started I must finish." - Bastion when completing a puzzle

"Why is it so dark?" - Bastion in an unlit room

"I have to keep my feet on the ground." - Bastion on a flying vehicle


Bastion's Toy Tag

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