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Awkward Action
Awkward Action.png
Character Information
Name Awkward Action
Franchise Awkward Action
Weapons/Accessories Wrench, Flashlight
Vehicles and/or Gadgets TBA
Occupation Youtuber
Residence Unknown
Hello everyone!
— Awkward Action's first line when entering the game.
Hey, guys!
— Awkard Action's second line when entering the game.
If anyone one sees a slice of pizza, can you return it to me? Unless it's on the ground...
— Awkward Action's third line when entering the game.

Awkward Action is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Awkward Action level pack in the Awkward Action franchise.


Awkward Action is an artist who makes comics but also makes YouTube videos. He gets bullied often in school but still enjoys school most of the time.




  • Fix-It
  • Hacking
  • Acrobat
  • Master Build
  • Illumination (Flashlight)


If you did enjoy please leave a-
— Awky's first line when leaving the game.
I'm going to get some pizza!
— Awky's second line when leaving the game.
No use in being here any longer.
— Awky's third line when leaving the game.
Guys? I suggest you close your eyes for a few moments.
— Awky's first line while in the vortex.
Are we there yet?"
— Awky's second line while in the vortex.
Oh. My. Glob.
— Awky to Finn or Jake.
So you like Reeses Pieces?
— Awky to E.T.
When there's some - Wait copyright.
— Awky to the original Ghostbusters.
Got any Chaos Emeralds?
— Awky to Sonic the Hedgehog.
I'm sorry your dad ate your fries.
— Awky to Marceline.
Remember you need to go 88 miles per hour.
— Awky to Marty McFly.
I won't dis the sonic.
— Awky to the Doctor.
You are so much better than Batman!
— Awky to Robin.
Want some cake?
— Awky to Chell.
Hello. LUCY!
— Awky to Wyldstyle.
Want a candy bar?
— Awky to Sloth.
— Awky on the Hoverboard.
Not as good as the DeLorean, but...
— Awky in the Enchanted Car.
I know this should only be attempted by professionals but...
— Awky on Buckbeak.
— Awky playing on the Arcade Machine.
Are we going somewhere?
— Awky's first line while idle.
— Awky's second line while idle.
What have I created?
— Awky in the Awkward Action World.
This is pretty cool!
— Awky finding a collectible.
I have no idea how to do this.
— Awky when unable to solve a puzzle.
I actually did it!
— Awky when able to solve a puzzle.
I didn't want to hurt anybody, but you hurt me first.
— Awky when in combat.
Thank goodness autosave exists.
— Awky when respawning.