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"Hey, you! Yeah, you! You got any tasty Studs? If you feed me a bunch of Studs, I'll burst with snacky happiness and then transform! I'm famished! I need [number] Studs to curb the hunger pangs!"

-Auruma's introduction.

"I'm so hungry! Will you give me [number] Studs? They taste soooo good!"

-Auruma's second introduction.

Auruma is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch and it's spinoff game LEGO Super Mario Dimensions, from the Super Mario franchise.


Auruma is an original character created by CJDM1999.

Auruma is a gold Hungry Luma who asks the player for a certain amount of studs. If the player feeds the amount of studs to the Luma, it turns into a Gold Brick.


"Soooooooo hungry!"

-Auruma's line when about to get fed.


-Auruma's line before and after the player feeds some of the studs.

"That's it... I'm stuffed! Here we go!"

-Auruma's line after being fed a certain amount of studs.

"That's the stuff! I'm so FULL! Wow... I think I'm going to..."

-Auruma's second line after being fed a certain amount of studs.


-Auruma before transforming into a Gold Brick.