Athanasios Jacob
Athansios Jacob
Character Information
Name Athanasios Jacob
Gender Male
Franchise Venture
Weapons/Accessories *Egg
  • Peridot Shard
  • Diamond
  • Medal
Occupation Jogger
Residence Jacob Manor
Yo, what's crackin', my backin's?
— Athanasios Jacob's first line when entering the game
Dang it, I was just running there... not that it'd matter much, since I was running up against a hillbilly in a go-kart.
— Athanasios Jacob's second line when entering the game
Thanks, it was getting awfully chilly out there!
— Athanasios Jacob's third line when entering the game
Athanasios Jacob is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Master Build
  • Speed (Fast Elixir)
  • Target (Egg)
  • Laser Deflector (Diamond)
  • Drill (Pickax)


Got to go, I'm gonna play a game of football against some o' dem Vepturegeng!
— Athanasios Jacob's first line when leaving the game
Aye, that's my call to leave, see you all later!
— Athanasios Jacob's second line when leaving the game
Ugh, those Vepturegeng whinin' all about me beating them at football again.
— Athanasios Jacob's third line when leaving the game
My hormones are telling me we should start doing something.
— Athanasios Jacob's line when idle
I'm as useful at this as a Samgolian is at a game of pigskin!
— Athanasios Jacob's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Ah, yeah! Better not off too much, though.
— Athansios Jacob's line when solving a puzzle
Alright, you going down, ballers!
— Athanasios Jacob's line in combat
Hey, that wasn't too cool of you.
— Athansios Jacob's line when respawning
Sure, a little buck here, a little buck there, and I think we're done!
— Athanasios Jacob's line when purchasing a renovation
Whoa! You on growth pills, there, pitcher?
— Athanasios Jacob when riding a mech or seeing a big-fig
With how many brothers I have, I might as well consider you a twin.
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Athanasios Jacob
You're just as surprising as an Elitonist playing a game of rugby!
— Athansios Jacob talking to Uni-Kitty
Whoa! You must be a souther Venturian! Do you play football?
— Athanasios Jacob talking to any jungle-based characters
Hey, you ain't lookin' too shabby!
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Vanessa
You and your disc-stave are no match for me and my athletics!
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Dig
Hmph, you just rely on your wisdom for sporting, not actual skill! Nothing wrong with that.
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Mahoganer
Hey, buff boy, what's popping?
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Crash Potatoes
Ah, if it isn't my lovely loved one, Athena.
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Athena Jacob
Hey, Robert, you don't got potions up your sleeves for our next marathon, do you?
— Athansios Jacob talking to Robert Jacob
Ah, brother, you could be a professional tennis player, all you need is to replace your fancy sword with a racket!
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Terrence Jacob
So, Ty, the flowers doing okay?
— Athanasios Jacob talking to Tyler Jacob


  • In the Venture Cinematic Universe, he is portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, who reprises his role in the game.
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