Aquas is one of the many locations in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Star Fox franchise.


The entire surface of Aquas is covered with water, and abounds with a diverse range of aquatic life. Though generally harmless, some of Aquas' aquatic lifeforms can be extremely deadly, even to modern submersible vehicles. Ruins similar to those found on Titania point towards an ancient civilization that no longer exists, tangibly similar to the Anglars. The Ancient Civilization had originally ruled above the waves, where it built temples as well as harvesting aquatic life on Aquas. However, a monster underneath the waves, Bacoon, became jealous of the civilization's prosperity, and when it grew more powerful, it eventually learned to control the aquatic lifeforms. Bacoon then used this new found ability to command thousands of explosive starfish to migrate to the polar ice caps and explode, melting the polar caps and flooding the entire planet, thus ending the civilization.

Dimensions Crisis



Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Aquas

Star Fox 64 Soundtrack - Aquas

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