Anthony Took
New Anthony Took
Character Information
Name Anthony Took
Gender Male
Franchise WWIII
Weapons/Accessories Revolver
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Anthony's RV
Occupation Robber
Residence Djerba
For the right price, Anthony Took at your service.
— Anthony Took's first line when entering the game
Look, I have been all over the Earth, but here? Nah.
— Anthony Took's second line when entering the game
If it will help us stop Supreme Commander Artur, count me in.
— Anthony Took's third line when entering the game


  • Target (Revolver)
  • Stealth (Shock Soldier Outfit)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Detonator)
  • Fix-It
  • Grapple (Grappling Gun)
  • Hacking



Nice knowing half of you, not nice knowing the other half.
— Anthony Took's first line when leaving the game
See you later, Rutiodons!
— Anthony Took's second line when leaving the game
As cool as this hero stuff is, I am gonna go back to smuggling nebulizers.
— Anthony Took's third line when entering the game
I have an evil feeling right now...
— Anthony Took's line when idle
You know, you remind me of Chuks. You are a stern and big guy who helps a guy named "Anthony". Except Chuks is not that stern.
— Anthony Took talking to Strongarm
Yeah, narration? I could definitely live with out it. For sure.
— Anthony Took talking to Narrator
A shovel for a sword? Yeah, and I thought telekinetic swords were loony.
— Anthony Took talking to Shovel Knight
Yee haw! My RV has gatling guns and everything! Beat that!
— Anthony Took riding Anthony's RV
As TV Tropes says, Dark is not evil. Kind of having second thoughts, though.
— Anthony Took riding Shadow Slicer
Ah yeah! Another six shooter toting guy! Do not tie me up, alright?
— Anthony Took talking to Indiana Jones
So you are that grandpa with a sword Bill was blabbering about?
— Anthony Took talking to Sober
Good thing we rescued you and kept you alive, mistress.
— Anthony Took talking to Catherine
Look, I I did the whole rescue thing for the diamond. But still, I genuinely enjoy you on our squad, kid.
— Anthony Took talking to Bill
None of my job would be possible without you, Commander Chuks.
— Anthony Took talking to Chuks
Yo, thank you for the $15K. Love your gumption, old man.
— Anthony Took talking to Sensei Ben you even turned the fortune tellers' tank really small but still macroscopic is beyond me.
— Anthony Took talking to C
I have always wondered: do you taste everything that gets put in your mouth? Or do you just keep it in?
— Anthony Took talking to R


  • He is portrayed by Paul Wesley, who reprises his role in the game.
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