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Ant-Man is a Level Pack character from the franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ant Man (Ant-Man and Wasp).jpg


  • Shrink
  • Big Transform
  • Technology
  • Lock Picking
  • Mini Access

Background (From Brickipedia):

Scott Lang, a man forced into thievery to give back the money VistaCorp stole from it's customers, is branded a criminal and is divorced and distanced from his wife, Maggie, and his daughter, Cassie. After breaking into a house and finding a strange suit with shrinking capabilities, he is approached by Hank Pym, the former superhero Ant-Man, who offered him a chance at redemption. He does so, and Pym gives him the Ant-Man suit, making him his successor as Ant-Man. In one of his attempts to steal Darren Cross's Yellow Jacket suit, he is followed home and they dueled using children's toys, enlarged when they both used Pym Particles. He defeated Cross by going sub-atomic into YJ's suit, the same way Pym lost his wife. However, Scott made it out alive as Cross blinked out of existence.

During the events of Civil War, Falcon mentioned to Captain America that he knew a guy, after the two's encounter.  He was later awoken in front of the Anti-Registrators, where he was "thinked they thanked" of him.  While fighting Iron Man's team, he used his Pym Particles to grow into Giant-Man. However, when the novice hero Spider-Man used an idea based on Star Wars Episode V's AT-AT takedown, Scott was shrunken to his usual size.  He then, as Tony Stark's consciousness, was able to disable the genius' weaponry.  However, after being defeated, he was later incarcerated on the Raft like most of his fellow teammates.