Character Information
Name Anguis
Gender Non-Binary (Head is male)
Franchise BIOMECHA
Occupation Murderer
Residence Likuta's Factory
Anguis is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


Anguis was created by Likuta, using a couple of tents and half of someone's head, as well as a red light bulb in the right eye socket. Anguis caught Flappin first while he was on blabbing on flour, hypnotized him with Know's corpse, and then proceeded to sew his eyes shut. Anguis also hypnotized Vaksa, and sewed him into a trap, but Paise cut the threads with his shears. Anguis was, however, able to escape with both Flappin and Dig, with the only damage being his human eye being destroyed by Mahoganer's crossbow and Know's body being sliced off. Anguis brought Flappin to Likuta, who sucked his soul out. Anguis then fought the BIOMECHA who broke into Likuta's factory, and, due to the mutilation of Anguis' human eye, it could not see properly, and mistook Know's corpse (with his light staff put inside) for a living BIOMECHA, and chased it, eventually catching it in it's gaze, to which Paise used a remote to make the bulb glow. However, Anguis realized it was already dead, but not before getting caught in the gears moving, but Dig was saved by Paise before Anguis met it's fate: getting sliced in half by the factory's gears.

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