"Your perfect little angel is here!"

-Angel's first line when entering the game

Angel is a Level Pack character from the Devil Horn franchise.


Angel was a normal 15 year old girl before she met Lucifer, a boy with a devil horn. They quickly became friends.

One day, Angel entered a portal to heaven and took a halo so she could have powers like Lucifer. The halo then bonded with her, making it so that only she can use it.

Lucifer was disappointed in Angel for taking the halo, but couldn't stay mad at her. Her halo proved to be most useful, as enemy devils are weak to holy attacks.

Dimensional Crisis

Lucifer was despaired at the vortexes, but Angel was excited. She loved exploring other worlds, and the vortexes gave her the perfect chance.


Devil Horn


  • Telekinesis
  • Illumination
  • Flight
  • Heart Regenerarion
  • Magical Shield
  • Halo Portal (functions like apparate access, but on different spots)



-Angel's first line in the vortex

"Where will this take me? Probably somewhere exciting!"

-Angel's second line in the vortex

"While you guys stay here, I'm gonna explore!"

-Angel's first line exiting the game

"Heey Luci!"

-Angel's reaction to Lucifer

"It's thanks to this little thing I get to go on all these adventures!"

-Angel's reaction to Summoning Scroll

"Sometimes, I sit back and wonder, how did my life become like this? Well I'm not complaining, this is awesome!"

-Angel's line while idle


  • Angel doesn't have her halo on her toy, but does in the game
  • Activating the "Devil Horns" red brick on Angel will cause her to have horns and a halo at the same time
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