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Amy Rose
Character Information
Name Amy Rose
Gender Female
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
Weapons/Accessories Piko Piko Hammer
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Pink Cabriolet
Occupation Member of Team Sonic, Leader of Team Rose
Residence South Island

Amy is one of the Fun Pack Characters and (non-playable characters, really) in LEGO Dimensions, from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.


Amy Rose is a young, carefree Mobian Hedgehog who has had a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog for years. Originally starting out as just one of Sonic's most devoted young admirers, she would mature into one of his most trusted allies and after proving herself she became a member of the Freedom Fighters who have sworn to protect the world from the evil scientist, Doctor Eggman and his Egg Army. Her loyalty to her friends and team is without question and her improving skills have assured her importance to the Freedom Fighters' cause. She is also the leader of the occasionally activated Team Rose.


  • Acrobatics
  • Grind Rails
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength (via her Piko Piko Hammer)
  • Spinjitzu (Tornado Hammer)
  • Target (Rose Typhoon)
  • Glide (Propeller Hammer)
  • Rainbow LEGO Bricks




  • Like Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, Amy will die like she does in the Classic games; facing the camera, arms and legs straight out, and a surprised look on her face while falling in front of all the art (or in this game, phasing right through the ground.)
  • Amy is voiced by Cindy Robinson, who voices the role in the Sonic Boom animated series and all games released since 2010
  • She reuses Alice and Minnie Mouse's skirt piece.