Yeeehaw! Y'all boutta get sum FREEDOM!
— America's first entry line
America / USA
Character Information
Name America / USA
Gender Yes, in some states
Franchise Polandball
Weapons/Accessories M16 Assault Rifle
Vehicles and/or Gadgets B-52 Bomber
Occupation World Security Leader
Residence North America

The United States of America, frequently abbreviated to just America, is a Polandball character in LEGO Voidhoppers, released to coincide with the After Dark update. She is a personification of the USA, appearing alone in a Fun Pack.


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  • Target (M16)
  • Double Damage
  • Slurp Access
  • Gyrosphere Switches
  • Cracked LEGO
  • Troop Command


An entire multiverse, and not a SINGLE McDonald's? That's just sad.
— America, when idle
Heh. I admit that I DID have a lesbian phase from 1945-1991, but Russia and I are just friends for now; though I'll admit we have been going out for a bit recently...
— America reacting to Poland's reaction to America
Yippee-kai-yay, mother... hang on, I can't swear?! I thought this game was E-10+?
— America when entering combat

Character Tag

America Char Tag

America's tag looks like her flag: It's blue at the top left, and red at the top right and bottom, with white in between.

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