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Alex Kidd
Character Information
Name Alex Kidd
Gender Male
Franchise SEGA Classics (Alex Kidd)
Weapons/Accessories Sword (when as Shinobi Alex)
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Sukopako Motorcycle
Occupation Prince of Radaxian/Retail Store Employee (in Segagaga)
Residence Planet Aries

Alex Kidd is one of the Fun Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Alex Kidd franchise created by Sega.


  • Acrobatics
  • Super Strength
  • Mini Access
  • Character Change (Shinobi Alex)
    • Spinjitzu (Tornado)
    • Target (Dart Throw)
    • Sword Switches
  • Item Switch
    • Laser (Power Bracelet)
    • Relic Detection (Telepathy Ball)
    • Stealth (Teleport Powder)
    • Flight (Cane of Flight)
    • Drone (Magic Capsule A)
    • Magical Shield (Magic Capsule B)
    • Super Jump (Pogo Stick)


  • "Jan-Ken-Pon! It's me, Alex Kidd!" - Alex Kidd's first line when entering the game
  • "The prince of Radaxian is here!" - Alex Kidd's second line when entering the game
  • "Ready to get Jan-kend off?" - Alex Kidd's third line when entering the game
  • "I'm being late for Radaxian's Jan-ken Tournament if I'm staying here, goodbye!" - Alex Kidd's first line when leaving the game
  • "I hope how my father king feels when I'm out..." - Alex Kidd's second line when leaving the game
  • "I'm not going to be busy with some Item sales in Shops! Bye!" - Alex Kidd's third line when leaving the game
  • "Why I didn't use Cane of Flight for this???????" - Alex Kidd's first line in the Vortex
  • "Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!" - Alex Kidd's second line in the Vortex
  • "How did that happen!?" - Alex Kidd's line when respawning
  • "No a rice ball or a hamburger, but still great!" - Alex Kidd when getting a collectible
  • "Those stars in skies reminds me at Lost Stars on constellations..." - Alex Kidd's first idle line
  • "This rice ball/hamburger tastes good!" - Alex Kidd's second idle line
  • "I see that you're much trouble for Planet Aries so I must stop you!" - Alex Kidd when seeing Bart Simpson
  • "Hey you red one over here! You reminds me at times when I was a ninja and fighted against the Dark Ninja in Planet Shinobi!" - Alex Kidd when seeing Kai
  • "Did you play my games? It's great to relive my good old days in High-Tech World Arcade!" - Alex Kidd when seeing Gamer Kid
    • "I did, Alex. I hope Sonic will share mascot's place alongside you." - Gamer Kid's response dialogue
  • "We're almost very similar, right? We can make adventures together!" - Alex Kidd when seeing Finn
  • "Hey Sonic, how's my company feels when I'm in your shadow?" - Alex Kidd when seeing Sonic the Hedgehog
    • "I have same feeling to you, Alex. I will give you a chance to make a big adventure yourself one day!" - Sonic's response dialogue
  • "Oh my gosh, you're so big compared to that samurai bear I met before!" - Alex Kidd when seeing a Big-Fig or when riding a mech
  • "I'm ready for an another BMX race!" - Alex Kidd when riding any bike


  • Alex Kidd is voiced by Stephanie Nadolny.
  • Like Sonic, Alex Kidd will have a different death animation; where he turns into an angel and flies away into the air like he does in the Alex Kidd games.
  • The minifigure image on Infobox is designed by Trigger Happy the Gremlin.
    • Picture has a error that Alex doesn't have short legs though he has Mini Access Ability.