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"For England, James."

—Alec to James Bond.

"Finish the job, James!"

—Alec after getting caught by Colonel Ourumov.

Alec Trevelyan is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the James Bond franchise.


Alec Trevelyan is the main antagonist in both the GoldenEye film and the GoldenEye 007 game.

In the film, he first appears as an ally (as 006) when Bond meets with him in the Chemical Warfare Facility; their mission is to destroy the base, specifically the production equipment and stockpiled nerve gas. Trevelyan is promptly "killed" by the commander of the facility, Colonel Arkady Ourumov (who reappears later in the film, being promoted to the General in charge of the Russian Space Forces). Bond escapes by detonating the bombs he and Trevelyan had set, albeit by deceiving Ourumov and the Soviet soldiers that the timer was set for six minutes when in fact he had halfed the time.

Bond meets Trevelyan again in the Statue Park in St. Petersburg, Russia, much to his astonishment. He discovers that Trevelyan's "death" had been faked and that General Ourumov is in fact working for Trevelyan. He had taken the name Janus (after the two-faced Roman God) because his face was scarred when Bond destroyed the barrels back in the facility. Although the plan was to destroy the barrels, Trevelyan's anger is that Bond lied about setting the timer for six minutes instead of three, and the early detonation afforded him less time to flee to safety.

Bond then finds out that Trevelyan is planning to bankrupt England by electronically transferring millions of pounds from the British government to the Janus Crime Syndicate (his criminal organization), and then destroy London with an EMP blast from his stolen GoldenEye satellite to erase all evidence of the transaction. This in turn would destroy the city, kill millions of citizens, and result in the greatest financial meltdown in world history, enough it is believed to make the financial problems of the Great Depression or the collapse of the Soviet Union pale in comparison.

Trevelyan had chosen to betray MI6 not so much to get rich, but more for a personal reason: To take revenge on the British government for betraying his parents during World War II. His parents were Lienz Cossack Russians who sold out Russia to the Nazis during WWII. Russia, having taken the brunt of the Nazi attacks on the Allied Powers, were angry at the Lienz Cossacks. They fled to England for asylum hoping to avoid Stalin's wrath, but the British government eventually returned them to Russia and they were slaughtered. Trevelyan states that he would have originally let Bond join him in his scheme, but he instinctively knew that "007's loyalty was always to the mission... never to his friends". He then attempts to kill Bond and Natalya (who his henchmen Xenia Onatopp and Boris Grishenko had captured earlier) inside the EMP-hardened Tiger helicopter (that Xenia and an unknown accomplice had previously stolen from the French) by firing its own missiles back on itself, but Bond manages to escape in time by headbutting the eject button.

Later on, Bond confronts his former ally aboard his converted armoured train, where Trevelyan betrays General Ourumov (using him as a "sacrificial lamb") and lets Bond shoot him so that he and Xenia can escape, allowing Bond to rescue Natalya. Trevelyan attempts, once again, to kill them both, this time by rigging explosives inside the train and setting them for "the same time you gave me". However, Natalya uses the computer to send a "spike" to Boris's terminal (he was online in Cuba, backing up his files), and as a result, finds that he is now located in Cuba, and that Trevelyan and Xenia are most likely headed there to continue their operations. Bond uses his watch laser to cut a hole in the floor as she does this, and escapes with her.

When Bond reaches the Janus Control Center hidden in the Cuban jungle, he and Trevelyan face each other once again. Bond manages to stop the GoldenEye from firing on London with the help of Natalya Simonova, but Trevelyan chases him to the top of the satellite cradle in an attempt to finally kill him and stop him from ruining his plans. While Bond is on the ladder suspended below the cradle, Trevelyan tries to make Bond fall off and they both end up fighting on a very small platform suspended high above the dish. They both struggle to throw each other off of the fixture, but Trevelyan is distracted when Natalya hijacks one of his helicopters. This gives Bond the opportunity to strike him and knock him off the platform, but before he falls, Bond grabs his leg and dangles him below the platform. Trevelyan's last words are "For England James?", to which Bond replies "No. For me." He then lets go and Trevelyan falls screaming from the fixture, then crashes onto the satellite dish far below. Had Trevelyan not died by defenestration, the collapse of the satellite dish would guarantee his doom.