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Albert Modnik
Albert Modnik.png
Character Information
Name Albert Modnik
Gender Male
Franchise Venture Missions
Vehicles and/or Gadgets FurnaceGolem
Occupation Mod Scientist
Residence Modnik Laboratory
Doctor Albert James Modnik, at your service
— Albert Modnik's first line when entering the game
Doctor Modnik is pleased to be here.
— Albert Modnik's second line when entering the game
— Albert Modnik's third line when entering the game

Albert Modnik is a Venture Missions character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Hacking
    • Acrobat (Double Jump Mod)
    • Boomerang (Throwing Stick Mod)
    • Dive (Scuba Diving Mod)
    • Fix-It (Engineering Mod)
    • Flying (Flight Mod)
    • Grapple (Grappling Hook Mod)
    • Illumination (Light Bulb Mod)
    • Laser (Heat Ray Mod)
    • Laser Deflector (Stasis Shield Mod)
    • Electricity (Thunderbolt Mod)
    • Magic (Enchantment Mod)
    • Silver LEGO Blowup (Bomb Mod)
    • Sonar Smash (Supersonic Mod)
    • Stealth (Air Force Mod)
    • Super Strength (Destruction Mod)
    • Target (Peashooter Mod)
    • Technology (Computer Mod)


Albert Modnik was a scientist who specialized in mods, creating technology and lifeforms that were futuristic or fictional. During the battle against Wyvern, Modnik sacrificed his life for the Jacob Knights, and all of his mods were disposed of in his honor.


A mod, abbreviated form of modification, is the addition of technology and life to Planet Venture in order to make it different from before.
— Albert Modnik to Techo