James Darrell Edwards III/Agent J
Character Information
Name James Darrell Edwards III/Agent J
Gender Male
Franchise Men in Black
Weapons/Accessories Neuralyzer
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Monocycle
Occupation MIB Agent
Cop (formally)
Residence New York
Name's Agent J. I'm an agent from a top secret organization called the Men in Black.
— J's line when entering the game
Let's make it hot!
— J's second line when entering the game
Oh, yeah! MIB, baby!
— J's third line when entering the game
Agent J is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Men in Black Team Pack, for the Men in Black franchise.


  • Target
  • Silver LEGO Blowup


Men in Black: New York


You run a museum with every exhibit coming to life every night? They're not aliens in disguise, right?
— J to Larry Daley
You and me, we should hang out sometime.
— J to B.A. Baracus
Don't know why, man, but I should introduce you to Frank.
— J when meeting Scooby-Doo
How come we never saw no ghost around New York?
— J to Abby Yates
Man, you look like some nasty alien to me.
— J when seeing Stripe
You also went back in time to save an old friend of yours? Man, been there, man.
— J when meeting Marty McFly
I didn't know we still had these.
— J when riding the Monocycle
If K gets killed off again, I can use this sweet ride to save him again.
— J when entering the DeLorean Time Machine
A hearse? Whoever picked this must've borrowed this from a relative.
— J when entering the Ecto-1 Hearse
Know what I like about this? It comes in black, has a big-butt engine and you can look cool in it.
— J when in the Batmobile
This is some neat van, man.
— J when in B.A.'s Van
Trust me, you don't want none of this.
— J when seeing a giant character or entering a mech
Guess it ain't what I'm gonna accomplish.
— J when unable to solve a puzzle
Don't MIB got something for this?
— J's second line when unable to solve a puzzle
Let the junior agent solve this adult problem.
— J when about to solve a puzzle
This guy don't need nobody for this one.
— J's second line when about to solve a puzzle
Time to get the latest smackdown on your hide!
— J when in combat
Finally, some action!
— J's second line when in combat
This dude'll be something that cockroach, Serleena or Boris'll ever be.
— J when confronting a boss
This is nothing when me and K was flushed that time!
— J when in the vortex
Is this a time vortex? 'Cause I don't feel like being in the past again!
— J's second line when in the vortex
Man, how many more aliens are gonna come here to invade or take over?
— J when in the Men in Black Adventure World
I wonder when I'm gonna get a solo assignment.
— J when left idle
I've fought crime, I've beaten lot of aliens, but this? This is new for me, man.
— J's second line when left idle
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.
— J when obtaining a collectible
This could use a little more "mpph".
— J when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Wonder if I could add more boost.
— J's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget
Either that's a clone of me, or I'm dealing with an alien with the power to shapeshift.
— J when seeing J


  • In the film series, he was portrayed by Will Smith. In the series, he is voiced by Keith Diamond. In the game, he is voiced by Phil LaMarr.
  • J's reaction to Marty McFly and when he enters the DeLorean references the plot of Men in Black 3.
  • His toy tag has "MIB" on the front and the glasses on the back.
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