Adam Floyd
Adam Floyd
Character Information
Name Adam Floyd
Gender Male
Franchise Abomination Defense
Occupation Defense Leader
Residence Detroit, Michigan
This place isn't so surprising, not for a man that met a guy with wheels for legs.
— Adam Floyd's first line when entering the game
Let me guess, I need to defend this place by now.
— Adam Floyd's second line when leaving the game
*Insert obvious The Hobbit reference but with my name as a dwarf here.*
— Adam Floyd's third line when entering the game
Adam Floyd is an Abomination Defense character in LEGO Dimensions.


Adam Floyd seemed to just be any other kid who went to a community college in Detroit. Floyd, however, was, in fact different from most, in that he had an emerald stuck in his crotch. He just brushed it off as a birth defect, however, it lead him to his destiny, where he would lead the Defenses in their... defense. That is, the defense of the entire planet of Earth from the Mutants, a race so formidable they makes any threat by Joseph Stalin seem like a campfire joke. Floyd did not think he could defend Earth from the Mutants, however, he ended up being surprisingly good at defending the world, and succeeded at his ultimate goal of not having Earth destroyed/taken over/whatever in the devil the Mutants' goal is.


  • Abomination Defense
  • Freeze Breath (Winter Bullet)
  • Laser (Poor Man Grenade)
  • Laser Deflector (Emerald)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Banga-Explosive)
  • Target (Bulletshooter)


Winter Bullet seems awfully young to have a daughter your age.
— Adam Floyd talking to Fiona
Ah! Stinky Pete! You weren't dead after all?
— Adam Floyd talking to Peter Pan (Abomination Defense)
Oh no! It's Doctor Alien!
— Adam Floyd talking to Doctor Alien
It would be "Jake" of you to join my team!
— Adam Floyd talking to Jake (On the Way)
Ah! Now this ought to be POLARIZING!
— Adam Floyd talking to Luke (Morphers)
Eh, it's Sid the Ice Spreader kid!
— Adam Floyd talking to Sid
Wait, so you know the ways of the sky? That ought to be useful.
— Adam Floyd talking to Sky Lord


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