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Action 52 is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions.


Action 52 is an unlicensed multicart video game compilation developed by Active Enterprises for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and FarSight Technologies for the Sega Genesis. The NES version was released in 1991, followed by the Genesis version in 1993. A Super NES version was advertised in magazines, but never released. Active Enterprises was legally incorporated in the Bahamas, however, offices and development were located in Miami, Florida while the company's product warehousing was located in Orlando, Florida.

Action 52 consists of 52 games that cover a variety of genres, with the most common being scrolling shooters and platformers. One of the more notable games is The Cheetahmen, Active's attempt at creating a franchise similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The NES version of Action 52 became notorious among gamers for the poor quality and functionality of its games, and is often considered to be the worst game of all time. The Genesis version is widely considered superior, though still of subpar quality. Many video game collectors value Action 52 for its notoriety and rarity. It initially retailed for the comparatively high price of US$199 (equivalent to $374 in 2019).

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