title image stud reward how to get
Banned from Miiverse
20,00 remove Me from the toy pad 3 times
Ooooh, very scary
10,00 use Mario to complete mystery house mash-up or the weeping angel section in a dalektable adventure
Bendy... AGAIN
IMG 20170815 160949
100,000 Get The Bendy Achievement in The Great Lair Escape using Bendy
Not Your Dark Energy Creation
IMG 20170812 191810
100,00 Spawn The Darkness When Raven is currently in-game
SMG4 fan 10,00 spend 5 hours in the SMG4 wiki episode theatre
A new recruit at the LEGO Dimensions Custom Community (AKA the longest Achievement title ever)
IMG 20170812 184809
100,00 Use Damien's Idea Machine with anyone other than DTCG & Custombot in the LEGO Dimensions Customs Community


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