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Abomination is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Marvel Comics franchise.



Emil Blonsky was a twisted Russian agent who disguised himself as a military-agent in-order to spy on the base where Dr. Bruce Banner and General Ross were developing a Gamma Bomb which could be used to combat Russia. Blonsky sabotaged one of the field tests of the bomb in hopes of assassinating Dr. Banner but as a result he inadvertently transformed the doctor into The Hulk. Following this, Blonsky became part of General Ross's team to hunt down the Hulk and overtime he grew envious of the amount of power which the monster had.

Eventually Emil managed to get his hands on some of Dr. Banner's Gamma radiators and he used it on himself in-order to transform himself into a Hulk-like monster. Deemed "The Abomination" by General Ross, Blonsky was as large and strong as the Hulk but was covered in scales, had fanged teeth, claws, and he retained his human mind. Also unlike Banner, Abomination is unable to switch between human and monster form but rather he is permanently a monster. With these powers Emil became a chaotic and evil villain who fought the Hulk on countless occasions, having often tried to kidnap Hulk's then girlfriend Betty Ross.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Emil Blonsky was flown in from Russia to aid in the capture of Bruce Banner by General Ross. When Banner was found in Brazil, Blonsky chased him into a soda factory where he turned into The Hulk, destroyed the factory, and ran, leaving Blonsky the only member of his team left alive.

He volunteered to be injected with the super-soldier serum unearthed by General Ross to better their chances of capturing Banner. At Culver University, the Hulk and Blonsky squared off again, ending in almost every bone in the soldier's body being shattered, and Banner running away with Betty in his arms.

However, he healed very fast as a result of the serum, and started to slowly transform into a monster. When Ross went to arrest Banner in Sterns' lab, Blonsky got there first and demanded that Banner unleash the Hulk, but he couldn't. When Ross took Banner back to the nearest military compound, Blonsky ordered Sterns to inject him with Banner's blood, but Sterns didn't want to as he saw Blonsky had something in him already and the mixture would turn him into an abomination. Blonsky forced Sterns to inject him, and his transformation was accelerated, rapidly turning into a hulking monster with bony extrusions from his spine and elbows.

The Abomination then found his way onto the street and began a destructive rampage, in the hopes of gaining Banner's attention and luring him to a fight, now confident that he could kill the Hulk in his new form. Observing the carnage from a helicopter above, Banner decided that he had no choice but to fight the Abomination as the Hulk. Banner and Blonsky battled it out on the streets of Harlem, with aid from Ross' soldiers. Blonsky managed to bring down the helicopter Ross and Betty were in, but the Hulk saved them. After the battle, the Hulk was victorious and almost killed him, but Betty intervened. Blonsky was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, while the Hulk ran away once more.