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Abby Yates is one of the non-playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ghostbusters (2016) franchise.


Abby Yates and Erin Gilbert were a pair of unheralded authors who wrote a book positing that ghosts are real. A few years later, Gilbert reunited with Yates, teaming up with a nuclear engineer, Jillian Holtzmann, and a subway worker, Patty Tolan, to save the world from a mysterious evil and powerful demon known as Rowan who could exercise control over human forms.

Grand Interdimensional War

She, Erin Gilbert, Jillian Holtzmann, and Patty Tolan are seen eating Chinese food. They are confronted by Doomseid, Grand Emperor Enoch's Destroyer of Worlds and prepare to fight the mutated demon, assuming the monster to be Rowan the Destroyer. Doomseid easily defeats and kills all four of the female Ghostbusters before destroying the Ghostbusters (2016) World, killing Kevin Beckman and billions of people inhabiting it.