8-Legged Powerhouse
Eight Legged Powerhouse
8-Legged Powerhouse
Owner Pipipi
Abilities *Digging
  • Vine Cut
    • Wall Cut
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
Set Pipipi Fun Pack
Grotto Crawler Eight-Legged Powerhouse Laxative Shooter
— 8-Legged Powerhouse's line when entering the game
8-Legged Powerhouse is a Venture Vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is an alternate build of Grotto Crawler and is included in Pipipi Fun Pack.


8-Legged Powerhouses are forms of Crawlers that can be found in the Void. They have the ability to penetrate any object (besides Bedrock), and deal six damage to the player every hit, therefore, despite the name, making them the weakest Void Monster in the whole game.


  • Digging
  • Vine Cut
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles


— 8-Legged Powerhouse's line when leaving the game


  • Skin 1: Black
  • Skin 2: Brown
  • Skin 3: Light Blue


  • Despite the name, it only has six legs, as the remaining two are used as unrealistically sized fangs.
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