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4Corners is one one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions. Thefunstreamer and MilesRS677


created this franchise.


This comedy involves four 12-year-old kids named Mark Smith, Luke Hopkins, Veronica Jackson and Ryan Williams. Mark is young guitar player that dreams of becoming a rock star by being on his favorite TV show, The Rock 'n Rollers. Luke is extremely nerdy and knows everything. Veronica is young girl and likes to participate in beauty pageants and listen to music on her MP3 Player. Ryan is an acrobatic athlete with muscle and always leads his sports teams to victory. These four kids sign up for a contest in which the winner gets to live in a penthouse apartment with no parents. The contest says only one person will win, but a mix-up causes all four of them to win. In the penthouse, they learn to get along and crazy things can happen, but everything works out fine in the end.


  • Mark Level Pack
    • Mark Smith
      • Music Mobile
        • SubMarkine
        • Winged Song
      • Boom Amp
        • Laser DJ
        • Stereo Sniper
  • Luke and Veronica Team Pack
    • Luke Hopkins
      • Shrink Ray
        • Growth Ray
        • Duplicator
    • Veronica Jackson
      • Beauty Boat
        • Biplane of Beauty
        • Beauty Diver
  • Ryan Fun Pack
    • Ryan Williams
      • BasketBomb
        • Drone Ball
        • Tennis Shooter


  • TBA


  • Race for the Dress

Adventure World

  • Cornerville
    • Corner Apartments
      • The Penthouse
        • Mark's Room
        • Veronica's Room
        • Ryan's Room
        • Luke's Room
          • Luke's Laboratory
  • Cornerville Middle School
  • Burgers-A-Planty
  • Cornerville Studios
    • Rock 'n Rollers Set
    • News Set
  • Cornerville Mall
  • The Park


  • Observatory


  • TBA

Red Brick

  • Rock and Roll (Replaces music with 4Corners music)


  • TBA


  • A TV show adaptation of this franchise is in production.
    • The voice actors from this franchise will reprise their roles in the series
  • Michael Cera voiced Mark in this franchise. However he was unable to voice Robin from The Lego Batman Movie in the game.
    • Mark's interaction with Robin references this fact.